Relationship Conference 2019

There is a face that we hide until the night time appears,
and what ’s hiding inside
Behind all of our fears is our true self
locked inside of the façade! 
Jekyll & hyde

Rediscovering One’s Identity and Purpose in Life. 

Created to Receive:

Audio #1
​​What it means to be created in the image of God.  Who is God, what are His purposes for mankind and how has He created us for those purposes? ​​​

Living Behind a Mask:

Audio #2
We are born into sin through the decisions of the first Man and Woman.  Sin is more than what we do, but also how we respond to what is done to us.  There are five inevitable responses to sin in our lives.

The Effects of a Love Deficit:

Audio #3
What happens when we have not received what we were created for?  Our inability to receive agape love affects our ability to give to others in relationship.  When agape love is lacking, we turn to pleasures of the flesh in an attempt to satisfy that need.

​​ Identifying Strongholds:​​

Audio #4
Habit patterns of thinking that conflict with the reality of God diminish our ability to engage in healthy relationships.  A lack of healthy relationships in our lives cause us to experience loneliness.  Loneliness and other desires lead to giving ground to the enemy in our lives, resulting in bondage to sin and brokenness. ​​​​​​

​​ Jesus Christ, the Source of Wholeness and Rest:​​

Audio #5
Receiving agape love from Jesus Christ
allows us to have relationship with God.  In a relationship with Jesus Christ, the lies of the strongholds will be revealed.  Truth prompted to our hearts will tear the strongholds down and our hearts will come to wholeness, peace and rest.

Living in Wholeness and Rest:

Audio #6
Jesus Christ is not a one-time solution.  It’s all about relationship with God.  How can we practically live out daily intimacy with God?​​​


Mel Eash has twenty-seven years of counseling experience.  He received his internship at Caring for the Heart.  In 2003, he was ordained as pastor at Townline Mennonite Church.  In 2016, he left that position to focus solely on the ministry at Grace Haven.
Garrett Martin was ordained as associate pastor at Townline Mennonite Church in 2016.  He has been involved with Grace Haven for the past eight years and joined the staff in January 2019 as a counselor.