It is not good to be alone. Genesis 2:18 

You were created for relationship!

God has designed us to have meaningful and close relationships with Him, our spouses, and others in our lives. Spiritual and emotional issues block our ability to receive and release love, resulting in loss of connection in these relationships. Emotional issues such as depression, anger and the inability to communicate often have root causes sourced in emotional and spiritual issues as the result of our life experiences.  At Grace Haven, we seek to come along beside individuals with compassionate care and help them identify the root causes of the problems they are experiencing in their marriages or personal lives. We seek to help individuals resolve their emotional and spiritual issues at a heart level through prayer and the compassionate care of the counselor. 

Only Jesus has the power to heal and restore a heart. As individuals find emotional healing through compassionate care, prayer, and
freedom from sin through repentance, they find a renewed ability to receive love from God and the ability to release that love into relationships around them.  As an individual’s heart opens up to receiving and releasing love, they experience a renewed peace and closeness with God, within their marriages, and within relationships around them.
Relationship Conference
GH Team
While waiting to get in (to Grace Haven),
I started on depression medicine and was soon feeling better and wondered if we really needed to go. I’m so thankful we did. God opened my eyes through the counseling to realize the
damaging effects my negative and bitter thoughts were causing.

When I was a little girl I often felt alone, rejected, and unnoticed. It seemed work was more important than me. So I learned to perform and cover up, but all the while I was crying inside...I went to Grace Haven. First, the counselor helped me to see the little girl inside of me that still cried and felt alone and rejected. Then the counselor helped me to see how my negative thinking, anger turned inward, and fear had paralyzed me. The counselor led me through prayers and always brought me back to the Father.

In the first session I started to feel valued. During the second session, I felt a freedom starting to develop that allowed me to begin to love my wife as we resolved hurts that had built up between us. The third session brought immense joy to my heart as I found cleansing in my Lord and confessed my sin to Him. The last session brought reassurance to my heart as we prayed to resolve my negative thoughts.

We became attracted to each other with our ability to talk about our home situations...we looked forward to getting married and being rid of all the issues. Never did we realize the effects of all this (our past) would be taken into marriage. I was longing for tender loving care. I desired a husband who would lead and feel confident about himself...At one of our worst times, I opened up to a friend. She recommended Grace Haven...Our family made a turn around. My husband is giving me the tender loving care I was longing for, He is leading in our home, and overall just a happy easy-going husband.